Aprion virescens

Species: Aprion virescens

English Name: Green Jobfish

Chinese Name: 绿短鳍笛鲷, 藍笛鯛

Family: Lutjanidae


The Green Jobfish is olive-greenish above and whitish below. A prominent feature of this species is the groove in its snout. This species has a total of 10 dorsal spines, 11 dorsal soft rays, 3 anal spines and 8 anal soft rays. Can grow up to a length of 112 cm. Lives in open waters of deep lagoons, channels, or seaward reefs. Preys on small fishes, but also on shrimps, crabs, cephalopods and planktonic organisms. Highly commercialized.

© 1995 De Bruin, G.H.P. et al.

© 1995 De Bruin, G.H.P. et al.

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© 1997 Trevor, Michael N.

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