Magnolia coco

Species: Magnolia coco

English Name: Chinese Mangolia; Coco Magnolia

Chinese Name: 夜香木蘭丶夜合花

Family: Magnoliaceae


Evergreen shrub or small tree, 2-4m, glabrous; bark grey, twigs green, smooth, slightlly ridged and glossy.  Stipular scars reached apex of petioles; petioles 5-10 mm.  Leaves elliptic, narrowly elliptic or obovate-elliptic, 7-14(-28) x 2-4.5(-9) cm, leathery, base cuneate, apex long-acuminate, adaxially deep green and glossy, slightly wavy wrinked, margin slightly revolute; lateral veins 8-10 on each side of midvein, reticulations of veins sparse.  Peduncles pendulouw, with 3-4 bract-scars.  Flowers globose, 3-4 cm in diam.; tepals 9, fleshy, obovate, adaxially concave, the outer 3 greenish, 5-veined, ca. 2 cm, the inner 6 in two whorls, purely white, 3-4 x4cm; stamens 4-6 mm, flaments white, ca. 2 mm, anthers ca.3 mm, connectives exserted and forming amucro; gynoecium green, ovoid, 1.5-2 cm; carpels ca. 10, narrowly ovoid, 5-6mm, abaxially with 1 furrow downward to the base of style, stigma short.


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