Pteris semipinnata

Species: Pteris semipinnata

English Name: Half leaf fern

Chinese Name: 半邊旗

Family: Pteridaceae


Perennial herbs. Rhizomes creeping in soil. Fronds are 2-pinnatipartite, upper margin of most pinnae is entire, lower one deeply divided nearly into rachis, the whole pinna similar to a half leaf (hence the name). It grows on roadsides, streamsides, wet places or in forests.

Preparation: Whole herb used. Collected all year round. Washed and used fresh or dried under the sun.

Properties: Bitter, acrid in taste, cool in nature.

Actions and indications: Clearing heat, removing toxic substance, relieving swelling, and hemorrhage. Indicated for enteritis, icteric hepatitis, conjunctivitis. External use for traumatic injury, traumatic bleeding, etc.








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