PictureFamilyChinese NameEnglish NameSpecies Name
© 2007 National Museum of Nature and ScienceMicrocystaceae魚害微囊藻Microcystis ichthyoblabeMicrocystis ichthyoblabe
© Alla Alster; Tamar ZoharyMicrocystaceae水華微囊藻Microcystis flos-aquaeMicrocystis flos-aquae
© 2011 FWC Fish and Wildlife Research InstituteMicrocystaceae惠氏微囊藻Microcystis wesenbergiiMicrocystis wesenbergii
© 2012 K.G. TagulaoHalymeniaceaeN/aRed algaePrionitis sp.
© 2012 K.G. TagulaoUlvaceaeN/aSea lettuceUlva sp.
© 2009 Peters, KristianMicrocystaceae銅綠微囊藻Microcystis aeruginosaMicrocystis aeruginosa

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