Mangrove forests are one of the most ecologically valuable ecosystems in the world, being home to a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna. The remaining mangroves in Macao which are in the coastlines of Taipa and Coloane are vulnerable to threats due to pressures from developments in the area. We hope that the materials from this website will bring more awareness and  encourage people to cherish this valuable habitat. Macao’s mangrove forest may not be much but you will be surprised by its biodiversity! 


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 Mangrove Flora


Avicennia marina

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao
© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Acrostichum aureum


© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Sonneratia apetala

Flowers of Sonneratia

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Kandelia obovata

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao 

Aegiceras corniculatum

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Acanthus ilicifolius


© 2012 K.G. Tagulao 

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Mangrove Fauna

Boleophthalmus pectinirostris
© 2014 D. Gonçalves
Periophthalmus modestus
Alpsdake, 2012
Uca chlorophthalmus crassipes
© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Vespa bicolor

IMG_6153© 2012 K.G. Tagulao


© 2012 K.G. Tagulao


Ellobium chinensis
Ellobium chinensis

© He Jing

C. plectorematoides

© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

Clithon faba
© 2012 K.G. Tagulao

© Kwansei Shell

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