Microcystis wesenbergii

Species: Microcystis wesenbergii

English Name: Microcystis wesenbergii

Chinese Name: 惠氏微囊藻

Family: Microcystaceae


A species of cyanobacterium, or blue-green alga, that forms colonies of cells in freshwater. They usually form in large concentrations, called blooms, and appears bright green to blue-green and can cause surface scums. Clones of these species are non-toxic.

© 2011 FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

© 2011 FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

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-Qiu Yi Jian, Ung Wai Kin, and Kong Yi Jun, 2011. Atlas of Common Harmful Freshwater Algae in Macao. Macau University of Science and Technology Publishing.