Avicennia marina

Species: Avicennia marina

English Name: Grey mangrove, White mangrove

Chinese Name:   海欖雌 [白骨壤]

Family: Avicenniaceae


A common species in Macao, usually found from the mid to the seaward mangrove margins. It usually grows taller than most of the other species and distinguished by its gray bark.

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References:Araño-Tagulao, K, Chan, SK,Wong, S., Ang, PO, Kam, K. Macao’s Mangroves, University of Saint, Joseph, 2012.

Platalea minor

Species: Platalea minor

English Name: Black Faceted Spoonbill

Chinese Name: 黑臉琵鷺

Family: Threskiornithidae


This waterbird is very similar to Eurasian Spoonbill, but is smaller, has shorter legs and black facial skin. It can be found in Macau from November to April, at Cotai wetland and Lotus bridge wetland.

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