Batocera rubus

Species: Batocera rubus

English Name: Mango Longhorn Beetle, White Spotted Longhorn Beetle

Chinese Name: 榕八星天牛

Family: Cerambycidae


This Longhorn Beetle has about 5 cm in length, excluding the antennae. It is easily indentifiable by it’s pair of red marking on the pronotum, darker color and yellowish spots on the elytra (modified, hardened forewings). The imature beetles are wood borers and  make round shaped tunnels in the sapwood and under the bark of fig trees, mango or jackfruit. In Macau, it is a common species of beetle.

© 2008 Udo Schmidt

© 2008 Udo Schmidt

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© 2012 Goldentakin

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– Easton, E. R. (1993). The insects of Macau. Macau: University of Macau Publications Centre.