Cacomantis merulinus

Species: Cacomantis merulinus

English Name: Plaintive Cuckoo

Chinese Name: 八聲杜鵑

Family: Cuculidae


This is small cuckoo with 18-23 cm length, red eyes, black bill with a light base and yellow legs and feet. Adults are grayish brown above and orange-buff below with grey head, throat and upper breast. Sometimes females has a “hepatic” form, witch are rufous-brown barred black above and whitish with brown stripes below. It occurs in Macao as a summer visitor.

© 2011 Thimindu Goonatillake

© 2011 Thimindu Goonatillake

© 2013 Jerry Oldenettel

© 2013 Jerry Oldenettel

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– Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Institute for Endangered Animals. (2010). Birds of Macao. Macao, SAR: Author.