Carcharhinus plumbeus

Species: Carcharhinus plumbeus

English Name: Sandbar Shark

Chinese Name: 鉛灰真鯊

Family: Carcharhinidae


The Sandbar Shark is grey-brown or bronzy stout shark with no prominent markings. They have a moderately long, rounded snout, a high, triangular, saw-edged upper teeth, and plain or with slightly dusky tips fins. Their first dorsal fin is very large and erect. Can grow up to a length of 250cm for male and female. Lives inshore and offshore, on continental and insular shelves and adjacent to deep waters. Feeds on bony fishes, small sharks, cephalopods and shrimps. Commercialized for human use.

© 2011 Brian Gratwicke

© 2011 Brian Gratwicke

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© 2012 Heather Paul

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