Cycas revoluta

Species: Cycas revoluta

English Name: Sago-palm Cycas

Chinese Name: 蘇鐵、鐵樹

Family: Cycadaceae


Palm-like evergreen trees. Trunk sturdy, cylindric, single, densely covered by leaf scars or the persisting bases of the old leaves and spine-like cataphylls. Leaves are large, clustered on trunk top, pinnatipartite. It can grow up to 6-7 m, but it will take around 50 to 100 years for it to get that high. It is mostly cultivated.

Living fossil.

Preparation: Leaves, flowers, seed and roots used. Roots and leaves collected all year round while flowers in summer, seed in autumn and winter. Washed, and dried under the sun.

Properties: Sweet, bland in taste, mild in nature, slightly toxic.

Actions and indications: Leaf: relieving hemorrhage, removing toxic substance and alleviating pain. Flower: Regulating qi, alleviating pain, benefiting kidney, and relieving nocturnal emission. Seed: calming liver, lowering blood pressure. Root: expelling wind, activating collaterals, invigorating kidney.

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© 2007 Dinesh Valke


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