Gnetum parvifolium

Species:   Gnetum parvifolium

English Name: Small-leaved Joint-fir

Chinese Name: 小葉買麻藤

Family: Gnetaceae


Evergreen gymnosperm. Woody vine, nodes swollen. Leaves opposite, long-ovate. Blooming in summer. Monoecious, wrapped by red arils, resembling a cluster of red grapes.

Preparation: Stem is used. It can be collected all year round; used fresh or sun-dried.

Properties: Bitter in taste, slightly warm in nature.

Actions and indications: Expels wind, activates blood circulation, relieves swelling, alleviates pain, resolves sputum, relieves cough. Indicated for rheumatic arthralgia, lumbar muscle strain,m acute respiratory infection, pancreatitis, ulcerous bleeding, ect.


© 2003 Chan Shek Kiu

© 2003 Chan Shek Kiu

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–  Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science 2005. Flora of Macao (Volume 1). Macao, SAR: Author