Hopea hainanensis

Species: Hopea hainanensis

English Name: Hainan Hopea

Chinese Name: 坡壘

Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Trees ca. 20 m tall, with aromatic white resin. Bark gray or brown, flaky, white lenticellate. Petiole robust, ca. 2 cm, glabrous or farinose-scurfy; leaf blade oblong to oblong-ovate, 4-8 × 5-8 cm, thinly leathery, both surfaces glabrous or farinose-scurfy, lateral veins 9-12 pairs conspicuously raised abaxially, base rounded, margin entire, apex slightly obtuse or acuminate. Flowers arranged in lax panicle of unilateral racemes. Sepals ovate, ca. 2.5 mm, apex rounded, outer 2 pubescent on entire surface. Petals oblong or oblong-elliptic, ca. 6 mm. Stamens 15; anthers ovoid; connective appendages filiform, ca. 1 mm. Ovary and stylopodium ovoid, pubescent; style short, glabrous; stigma conspicuous. Fruit ovoid, waxy, apiculate; winglike calyx segments oblong or oblanceolate, 5-7 × ca. 2.5 cm, longitudinally 9-11-veined, sparsely stellate pubescent. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Nov-Dec.

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– Wu ZY, Raven PH, Hong DY (eds) (2007). Flora of China, Volume 13: Clusiaceae through Araliaceae. Science Press, Beijing, and Missouri Bot Garden Press, St. Louis