Loxodon macrorhinus

Species: Loxodon macrorhinus

English Name: Sliteye Shark

Chinese Name: 廣鼻曲齒鮫

Family: Carcharhinidae


The Sliteye Shark is a grey small, very slim shark with a long, narrow snout, big eyes with rear notches, short labial furrows, and small, oblique-cusped teeth with smooth edges. Can grow up to a length of 98cm for male and female. Lives on continental and insular shelves, mainly near the bottom. Feeds on small bony fishes, shrimps, and cuttlefish. Commercialized for human use.

© 1997 Randall, J.E.

© 1997 Randall, J.E.

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© 1995 FAO

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