Lutjanus boutton

Species: Lutjanus boutton    

English Name: Moluccan Snapper

Chinese Name: 藍帶笛鯛, 赤笔仔

Family: Lutjanidae


The Moluccan Snapper has a pointed snout and large eyes. This snapper is generally pink or reddish above, and white or silvery below. It has a series of ten to twelve stripes on the side and some species have black spot on the back below the anterior part of the soft dorsal fin. Can grow up to a length of 35 cm. Lives in coral reefs. Preys on fishes, shrimps, crabs, other crustaceans, cephalopods and some planktonic items. Minor commercialized.

© 1907 Evermann, B.W. and A. Seale

© 1907 Evermann, B.W. and A. Seale

© 1997 Randall, John E.

© 1997 Randall, John E.

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