Lutjanus carponotatus

Species: Lutjanus carponotatus

English Name: Spanish Flag Snapper

Chinese Name: 胸斑笛鯛, 菊條笛鯛

Family: Lutjanidae


The Spanish Flag Snapper has a somewhat pointed snout and dorsal profile of head is steeply sloped. This snapper are generally blue-gray on upper side, grading to white or yellow white ventrally with a series of eight or nine or orange or yellow stripes on the sides. The fins are yellowish; as for the pectoral fins have a distinct black spot at the base of uppermost rays and axil. Can grow up to a length of 40 cm. Lives in turbid coastal waters and coral reefs. Minor commercialized.

© 1997 Randall, John E.

© 1997 Randall, John E.

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© 2013 Patzner, Robert A.

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