Lutjanus fulvus

Species: Lutjanus fulvus

English Name: Blacktail Snapper

Chinese Name: 焦黃笛鯛, 黃足笛鯛

Family: Lutjanidae


The Blacktail Snapper is generally tan or brownish to pale yellow-white. Has scales with brownish to yellow margins. The caudal and dorsal fins are blackish with narrow white margins, as for the anal pectoral and pelvic fins are yellow. Can grow up to a length of 40 cm. Lives in lagoon and semi-protected seaward reefs. Preys on fishes, shrimps, crabs, holothurians and cephalopods. Commercialized for human uses.

© 2009 Bernard DUPONT

© 2009 Bernard DUPONT

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© Jim Greenfield

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