Lutjanus vitta

Species: Lutjanus vitta

English Name: Brownstripe Red Snapper

Chinese Name: 縱帶笛鯛, 畫眉笛鯛

Family: Lutjanidae


The Brownstripe Red Snappers are generally whitish or pink with a yellowish brown to black stripe on the middle of the side. Juveniles and young adults has an intense black mid-lateral stripe and an oval black spot, eye-sized or greater, lying in the middle of the stripe below last dorsal spines. Adults have a yellow median fins. Can grow up to a length of 40 cm. Lives in the vicinity of coral reefs also in areas with flat bottoms and occasional low coral outcrops, sponges, and sea whips. Preys on fishes, shrimps, crabs and other benthic invertebrates. Commercialized for human use.

© 2010 Sahat Ratmuangkhwang

© 2010 Sahat Ratmuangkhwang

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© 1995 De Bruin, G.H.P. et al.

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© 1997 Randall, John E.

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