Lygodium japonicum

Species: Lygodium japonicum 

English name: Japanese Climbing Fern

Chinese name: 海金沙、羅網藤、鐵絲藤

Family: Lygodiaceae.


Herbaceous vines. Rhizomes are creeping, producing rachis. Rachis are stem like, slender, climbing, growing indeterminately and branching many alternate spurs. It grows on hill slopes, woods, in thickets or grasslands.

During controlled burns of wooded areas this fern may act as a fuel ladder which would allow the flames to climb into the canopy and destroy trees. After burns the fern can quickly grow back.

Preparation: Whole herb used. Collected in summer and autumn. Chopped and dried for reserve.

Properties: Sweet in taste cold in nature.

Actions and indications: Clearing heat, removing toxic substance, and promoting diuresis. Indicated for urinary infection, urinary stone, upper respiratory tract infection, dysentery, hepatitis, etc.


© 2008 Arthur Chapman

© 2008 Arthur Chapman







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–  Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science 2005. Flora of Macao (Volume 1). Macao, SAR: Author