Machilus velutina

Species: Machilus velutina 

English Name: Woolly Machilus

Chinese Name: 絨毛潤楠、香港楠木、絨毛楨楠

Family: Lauraceae


Trees, to 18 m tall; trunk ca. 40 cm d.b.h., all parts densely ferruginous tomentose. Petiole 1-2.5(-3) cm; leaf blade lustrous adaxially, narrowly obovate, elliptic, or narrowly ovate, 5-11(-18) × 2-2.5(-5.5) cm, leathery, midrib abaxially raised, slightly concave adaxially, lateral veins 8-11 pairs, abaxially conspicuously raised, veinlets very slender, inconspicuous, base cuneate, apex attenuate or shortly acuminate. Inflorescences terminal, 2-3 cm; peduncle very short. Flowers yellowish, fragrant, densely ferruginous tomentose. Perianth lobes slightly unequal, inner ones ovate, ca. 6 × 3 mm. Stamens ca. 5 mm; filaments of 3rd series tomentose at base, glands cordate, stipitate. Staminodes ca. 2 mm, tomentose. Ovary reddish when alive. Fruit purplish red, globose, ca. 4 mm in diam. Fl. Oct-Dec, fr. Feb-Mar.

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