Michellia champaca

Species: Michellia champaca

English Name: Yellow Jade Orchid Tree

Chinese Name: 黃蘭丶黃玉蘭

Family: Magnoliaceae


Evergreen tree, up to 10 m or taller, buds, young twigs, young leaves and petioles covered with pale yellow appressed hairs. Stipular scars exceeding middle of petioles. Petioles 2-4 cm. Leaves lanceolate-ovate or lanceolate-long elliptic, 10-20(-25) x 4.5-9 cm, base broadly cuneate or cuneate, apex long acuminate or subcaudate, abaxially slightly puberulous. Flowers yellow, fragrant, tepals 15 -20, oblanceolare, 2-4 x 0.4-0.5 cm; connectives exsened and forming a long tip, gynoecium hairy, gynoecium stalk ca. 3 mm. Aggregate fruit 7-15 cm, follicles obovoid-ellipsoid, 1-l.5 cm, tuberculate; seeds 2-4, rugose.


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