Nebrius ferrugineus

Species: Nebrius ferrugineus

English Name: Tawny Nurse Shark

Chinese Name: 褐色护士鲨

Family: Ginglymostomatidae


The Tawny Nurse Shark is a dorsally brown, ventrally pale, large and bulky shark with a small mouth and small comb-like teeth. The fins are angular with caudal fins being shorter. Can grow up to a length of 320cm for male and female. Lives on the continental and insular shelves. Feeds on wide variety of bottom invertebrates, small fishes including cephalopods, crustaceans and sea urchins. Commercialized for fisheries.

© 2009 Vishal Bhave

© 2009 Vishal Bhave

© 2009 Vishal Bhave

© 2009 Vishal Bhave

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