Pterocaesio chrysozona

Species: Pterocaesio chrysozona

English Name: Goldband Fusilier

Chinese Name: 金带鳞鳍梅鲷

Family: Caesionidae


This fusilier ranges from light blue to brownish dorsally, and white to pinkish ventrally. There’s a broad yellow stripe just under its lateral lines. Can grow up to 21cm. Found around coral reefs and preys on zooplankton. Used commercially and usually as a bait.

© 2001 Field, Richard

© 2001 Field, Richard

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© 1997 Randall, John E.

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– Carpenter, K.E., 1987. Revision of the Indo-Pacific fish family Caesionidae (Lutjanoidea), with descriptions of five new species. Indo-Pac. Fish. (15):56 p.