Pterospermum heterophyllum

Species: Pterospermum heterophyllum

English Name: Karnikar

Chinese Name: 翻白葉樹

Family: Sterculiaceae

Trees, to 20 m tall; bark gray or gray-brown. Branchlets yellow-brown pilose. Petiole 1-2 cm, hairy; leaf blade oblong-ovate to oblong, 7-15 × 3-10 cm, abaxially densely yellow-brown stellate pubescent, adaxially nearly glabrous; base obtuse, truncate or obliquely cordate, apex acute or acuminate; juvenile and coppice leaves: petiole ca. 12 cm, leaf blade palmately 3-5-lobed, ca. 15 cm in diam., base conspicuously peltate, truncate or slightly rounded. Flowers solitary or in cymes of 2-4; pedicel 0.5-1.5 cm; epicalyx lobes closely adnate to calyx, scalelike. Sepals linear, up to 2.8 × 0.4 cm, both surfaces puberulent. Petals greenish white, oblanceolate, as long as sepals. Androgynophore ca. 2.5 mm; staminodes filiform, slightly longer than stamens. Ovary ovoid, villous; style glabrous. Capsule woody, cylindrical-ovoid, ca. 6 × 2-2.5 cm, yellow tomentose, base tapering into robust, 1-1.5 cm stipe, apex obtuse. Fl. autumn.

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– Wu ZY, Raven PH, Hong DY (eds) (2007). Flora of China, Volume 12: Hippocastanaceae through Theaceae. Science Press, Beijing, and Missouri Bot Garden Press, St. Louis