Carcharhinus altimus

Species: Carcharhinus altimus 

English Name: Bignose Shark

Chinese Name:  大鼻白眼鲛

Family: Carcharhinidae


The Bignose Shark has a heavily cylindrical grayish body with no conspicuous markings, white below, and inner corners of pectoral fins blackish. Another features are its large, long and broad snout, long nasal flaps and high, triangular, saw-edged upper teeth. Can grow up to a length of 300 cm. Usually found near the edge of continental and insular shelves and uppermost slopes. Used for minor commercial purposes.

© 1984 Compagno, L.J.V.

© 1984 Compagno, L.J.V.

© 2000 Pedro Niny Duarte

© 2000 Pedro Niny Duarte

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