Etelis coruscans

Species: Etelis coruscans

English Name: Deepwater Longtail Red Snapper

Chinese Name: 絲尾紅鑽魚, 長尾濱鯛

Family: Lutjanidae


The Deepwater Longtail Red Snapper has a greatly elongated upper caudal lobe with increased growth. Its back and upper sides are deep pink to red, lower sides and belly pink, and its fins are pink to red.The dorsal and anal fin bases are without scales, whereas, the maxilla are covered with scales. Can grow up to a length of 120 cm. Lives in rocky bottoms of the continental shelf and continental slope. Preys on small fishes, squids and crustaceans. Highly commercialized for human consumption.

© 1997 Randall, John E.

© 1997 Randall, John E.

© 1995 De Bruin, G.H.P. et al.

© 1995 De Bruin, G.H.P. et al.


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