Pseudordrynaria coronans

Species: Pseudordrynaria coronans

English Name: Rock-ginger Fern

Chinese Name: 崖薑、皇冠蕨

Family: Drynariaceae

This species is a perennial herb. The rootstalk is thick, densely covered with brown, long-linear scale leaves. Uniform in type, the leaves are arranged into a hollow cluster; the blade is 80-140cmlong, apically attenuate, tapered down the middle but gradually broad near the base, cordate at the base, pinnately partite up the middle and lobed and sinuate down the middle, and glabrous on both sides; the veins are reticulate and distinct on both sides of the blade, and within the mesh is an unbranched or bifurcate veinlet. Between every pair of lateral veins, there is a line of sori located at the intersection of veinlets, which are round or usually prolonged along the thrice-branched veinlets and resemble an incontinuous thread when mature; the spores are elliptical, with pointed or warty protuberances on the wall; no indusium is present.

© 2013 Yip, Alan

© 2013 Yip, Alan







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–  Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science 2005. Flora of Macao (Volume 1). Macao, SAR: Author