Pyrrosia adnascens

Species: Pyrrosia adnascens

English Name: Close-growing Pyrrosia

Chinese Name: 貼生石韋

Family: Polypodiaceae


Small evergreen fern growing 5-12cm tall. With a long creeping rhizome, 1mm thick.

Found on tree trunks and rocks across China and Southeast Asia.

Used in treatment of dysentery. The whole plant is also used in treatment against inflammation, to clear away heat and detoxify in the treatment of scrofula.

© C. Rosemond, 2010

© C. Rosemond, 2010




–  Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science 2005. Flora of Macao (Volume 1). Macao, SAR: Author