Sphyrna lewini

Species: Sphyrna lewini

English Name: Scalloped Hammerhead

Chinese Name: 路氏雙髻鯊, 紅肉丫髻鮫

Family: Sphyrnidae


The Scalloped Hammerhead has uniform grey, greyish brown, or olivaceous body with shading to white below. The pectoral fins are tipped with grey or black ventrally. The head of this hammerhead is depressed and extended laterally. Can grow up to a length of 430 cm. Lives in continental and insular shelves and adjacent deep water. Preys on teleost fishes, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, other sharks, rays and cephalopods. Commercialized for human uses and gamefish.

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© 2013 Adam Fagen

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