Enhydris bennettii

Species: Enhydris bennettii

English Name: Mangrove Water Snake, Bennett’s Mud Snake, Bennett’s Water Snake

Chinese Name: 黑斑水蛇

Family: Homalopsidae


Small (at least 50-75 cm), mildly venomous snake with two large teeth at the back of the upper jaw. The back is olive-grey with dark grey crossbars and the ventral side is yellowish with black marginated scales. Can be found in mangroves swamps, tidal ponds and estuaries hidden inside crab or mudskipper burrow, under objects or on the branches of the mangroves.

© 2014 Sofia Arez

© 2014 Sofia Arez

© 2014 Sofia Arez

© 2014 Sofia Arez

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